How to Maintain Your Patio Door for Spring



Here are the top tips for maintaining your patio door this spring:

Step 1: Get Your Tools Ready

There aren’t a lot of tools that you’ll need to maintain your patio door, but they will surely come in handy once you’re handling the dirty work. These are the tools that you should have on hand before you tend to your patio door this season:

• Small wire brush or toothbrush

• Vacuum

• Silicone-based lubricant

• Phillips and Slotted screwdrivers

Once your toolkit is ready to go, here are the instructions to move forward:

Step 2: Remove the Door from the Frame

If you’re serious about getting your patio door clean for the spring season, you’ll need to remove it from its frame. You can do this by removing the plugs that cover the screws and lift or lower your door from the track. Once the door clears the track, you can pull it outside or inside for cleaning depending on weather. 

Don’t forget that sliding doors can be a little heavy. Be sure to ask for help if needed and set the door down on a drop cloth to protect your floor.

Step 3: Tackle the Track and Rollers

Now that the door is off the frame, get those tracks and rollers clean. You can accomplish this by cleaning the track with a toothbrush or wire brush. If the dirt and grime is really embedded into the track, allow baking soda to sit for a few minutes to help lift the dirt.

Use your vacuum cleaner to sweep out any remaining debris or small rocks that are wedged into the track.

After the track and wheels are clean, take your lubricant spray and spray along the track. This will help the door open easier when you’re ready for warmer weather.

Step 4: Replace the Weatherstripping

If your whole patio door doesn’t need replaced, you can consider replacing the weatherstripping to help keep out drafts. Be sure to replace the weatherstripping if they are torn, broken, or cracked. You can easily install new weather stripping on your own, as most stripping is self-adhesive.

However, if your patio door has seen better days, contact Universal Windows Direct to learn the cost of upgrading.