Here are the top tips to allergy-proof your home this spring season:



Luckily, some spring cleaning and prevention tips can help you keep your home free of allergies this spring—or at least eliminate as many as possible.

Here are the top tips to allergy-proof your home this spring season:

1. Give Your Home a Good Dusting

It’s no secret that dust can seriously irritate our lungs and nasal passages—and that’s even if you don’t suffer from allergies at all. 

Unfortunately, windows can attract a lot of dust, especially your windowsills. This is why it’s important to clean and dust around your windows on a regular basis. You can clear your windowsills of dust and dust mites by wiping it down with a 5% bleach-to-water solution every week. This will help keep mold spores at bay, which are also triggers for allergies and asthma.

2. Minimize Clutter

Speaking of dust, clutter gives dust another perfect place to call home. If you’re giving your home a good spring cleaning, consider clearing out some of the clutter. The less stuff that you have sitting on your shelf attracting dust, the fewer opportunities that dust mites have to spread.

3. Invest in an Air Purifier

Air purifiers help clean the air in your home. They come in a variety of sizes and prices, with costs ranging from $36 to $900 for those who want the best filtration systems available today.

Regardless of your budget for a new air purifier, one great tip is to place the purifier near a window. This helps block any airborne allergens from outside, which reduces the chance of them making their way into your home.

4. Keep Your Windows Closed During Certain Times

Even though we all love to keep our windows open to enjoy some fresh air, there are times when this can make your allergies worse.

Be sure to keep your windows closed when:

• It’s warm with high humidity. This can promote mold and dust mites.

• Rainy and damp weather.

• Early morning hours, since this is when a lot of plants release pollen into the air.

Don’t forget that frequent dusting and vacuuming can also help reduce allergens in the home. Dust mites can thrive in places like pillows and rugs, so be sure these are frequently washed or cleaned.

Sticking to a routine cleaning schedule is one of the best ways to keep your home allergy-free this season.