3 Reasons Why Triple Pane is Good for the Planet and Your Pocketbook



Triple pane windows are some of the most efficient windows on the market. While they are relatively new in terms of replacement window technology, they are quickly becoming a mainstream option for homeowners across the country.

If you are ready to replace your windows, here are 3 reasons why triple pane is good for the planet and your pocketbook:

1. Triple Pane Windows are Easy on Your HVAC System

Fluctuating temperatures make your HVAC system work in overdrive. As you fight a battle with your thermostat to make your home feel comfortable, you’ll hear your HVAC system turn off and on depending on the temperature in your home. Overworking your heating and cooling system results in higher utility bills and a lot of wasted energy, which will quickly drain your bank account at the end of every month.

Due to triple pane’s energy-saving technology, your HVAC system will work smarter—not harder. Since these windows are designed to keep your home at a constant indoor temperature, your HVAC system will finally get the break that it deserves.

2.  New Triple Pane Helps Reduce Drafts

Drafty windows are one of the biggest culprits of overtaxing your HVAC system. The good news is that upgrading old and outdated windows with triple pane can help block out drafts for good. Its airtight seal is the perfect solution for reducing air infiltration, but don’t forget that you’ll also feel more comfortable in your home during every season.

3. Triple Pane is Proven to Lower Utility Bills

The third chamber in triple pane glass creates another barrier to block unwanted energy from passing through your home.  This is especially the case when those panes are filled with an energy-saving gas known as krypton.

While argon is a popular choice for dual pane windows, krypton is the go-to option for triple pane. This is because krypton is denser than air, and it’s better suited to fill the tight chambers of triple pane windows. Krypton has acts as a thermal insulator and maximizes the efficiency of the window.

This is another major piece of the puzzle of helping homeowners to keep their utility bills low year after year. No matter how uncomfortable the weather becomes outside, triple pane continues to perform while wasting less energy. These windows can save you up to $465 per year on your utility bills while helping the planet at the same time. 

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