Are Your Windows Sweating this Summer? Here’s Why




Why are your windows sweating?

The answer: summer window condensation.

What’s with Window Condensation in the Summertime?

During a muggy summer day here in Charlotte, condensation will form on the outside of your windows. This is the opposite of its wintertime condensation counterpart, which forms on the inside of your windows. It’s frustrating because this condensation is difficult to clean from the second story of your home and it also fogs up your view. What’s worse is that this excess moisture can make its way behind the frames, peel paint, and even promote growth from mold and mildew.

How do You Prevent Summer Window Condensation?

If you’re living with single pane windows in your home, consider upgrading to dual pane windows if it’s in your budget. Insulated glass with energy efficient solutions can greatly reduce the amount of summer condensation.

For example, low-e coating is an invisible layer that is applied to your glass during the manufacturing process. While it protects your flooring and furnishings from becoming damaged by the sun’s rays, it also helps reduce heat transfer through the window. This is a much more effective solution to rely on rather than hoping an untreated glass pane will do the trick.

Improve Airflow

During the hottest days, it’s understandable to keep your windows closed and your A/C on full blast. However, this may be contributing to your air circulation problems. Cracking a window on a cool night or two can help improve the airflow in your home and reduce condensation.

And since it’s summertime, don’t forget to have your fans rotating counterclockwise. This will create a wind chill effect and keep your home cooler as well as continuously circulating air.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

If new replacement windows aren’t in the budget for now, consider purchasing a dehumidifier to help control the humidity inside of your home. Not to mention, a dehumidifier can also help clean the air that you breathe, reduce mold growth, lower energy consumption, and even improve your health.

If you’ve taken a DIY approach to window condensation this summer without success, it’s time to make a call to Universal Windows Direct. Contact us today to help us tackle those sweaty summer windows for good.