Why are Gutters Important for Your Cleveland Home?



While your gutter system may seem like an unimportant exterior element, the truth is that nearly every home in Cleveland needs them. Here are the top reasons why gutters are an important component of your home’s exterior:

Rainwater is Guided Away from Your Roof

When it rains, it pours—and this is especially the case when rainwater is causing damage to your roof. Simply put, those innocent drops of rain during a spring day need somewhere to go. Collecting on your roof isn’t an option, since water pooling can lead to extensive damage such as leaks, deteriorating seams, ice formation which causes additional stress on the roof, and creating a mosquito breeding ground.

When water runs off your roof, it’s best to have it filtered through a gutter system. Not only is this important for keeping water off of your roof, but it also serves another purpose: protecting the foundation of your home.

Gutters Prevent Water from Settling Around Your Foundation

While excess water can cause damage to your roof, it can also wreck havoc on your home’s foundation. Once water runs off of your roof, it will simply flow right down onto the ground by force of gravity.

While this doesn’t sound like a terrible setup, the truth is that gutters are needed at this point to flow water away from your home. Water pooling around the foundation of your home is no better than it pooling on top of your roof. Standing ground water also can create a breeding ground for insects, and it can even cause erosion to the exterior of your home.  

Prevent Damage to Your Roof, Soffits, Fascia, and Exterior

We already mentioned how rainwater (or even ice) can cause a lot of harm to your roof. However, you don’t want to forget the other components of your exterior such as the soffits and fascia.

Too much rainwater can cause water damage to your soffit and fascia, eventually causing water to make its way underneath the exterior. This can lead to rot and even cause water to make its way into your attic.

Furthermore, excess water can also cause damage to the siding of your home, especially if it’s made of wood. Too much moisture can cause wood siding to peel, chip, and even rot or crumble away in the most extreme circumstances.

Keep in mind that while gutters are helpful for your home, they also need seasonal maintenance. Gutter protection will help block out excess debris and prevent issues such as clogs and formation of ice dams. Contact Universal Windows Direct to learn more.