Gutters: Can yours handle the melt?




As I sit here writing this post, I can't help it but think about a dear friend of mine named Benny. Benny owns a beautiful house in a Cleveland suburb. Like many others, it's surrounded by trees and other plant life that tends to get caught in his gutters. Every time I would stop over, I'd notice a puddle in his backyard, right under the corner of a gutter that was clearly clogged up. I kept telling him about the dangers of not keeping your gutters clean, and what can happen during the wintertime if gutters are not cleaned (ice dams, water coming into the house, excessive weight, etc.). Long story short, due to his negligence, this past winter, half of the gutter that I mentioned before tore off his home because it was frozen solid with ice and other debris that had not been cleaned out.

Needless to say, Benny could've benefited greatly from a gutter protection solution like our exclusive SmartCover system. Our patented SmartCover system was developed with fluid dynamics in mind, specifically the dynamics of the path of water from when it hits the roof to the time it meets the gutter. The right gutter protection must do more than just prevent clogs or minimize ice dams, it needs to be an all-weather system that prevents objects from entering the gutter and has many physical points of connection to handle the demands of downpours, wind effects, and the weight of snow and ice.


With a system like the Smart Cover, he would have never had to worry about cleaning his gutters because nothing would have gotten into them in the first place! Not only would Benny's gutters be clean, but they would also have been at much less risk for becoming frozen solid. The SmartCover system is designed to form icicles away from your home, greatly reducing the chance of ice dams from forming. It does this by protecting the space between the gutter and the fascia board from excessive moisture or ice melt. Wouldn't it be nice to never have to clean your gutters again AND not worry about excessive ice build up?

The best part? There's still time to get it installed before the snow hits! Live with peace-of-mind this fall and winter... don't be like Benny.