A lesson in window-effectiveness...




What's standing between you and the elements?

This morning, I walked outside in a pair of shorts and a polo, only to find that it was no more than 55 degrees. I thought to myself, "Man, already? It's already getting this cold?". Unfortunately, the hard truth is that winter will be here before we know it and with it will come the outrageous heating bills.

Most of the time, high heating bills are due to heat loss, primarily through old, worn-out, or poorly constructed windows. Our exclusive UniShield windows are designed with energy-efficiency in-mind, utilizing krypton and argon gas fillings, as well as patented Super-Spacer technology to keep the heat in, and the cold out. The info-graphic below breaks-down the different options that are available.

While still energy efficient, basic windows utilize no gas filling, and therefore, are not as efficient as Argon-filled, or even Krypton filled windows. Argon and Krypton gas filled windows provide a stronger insulation from outside air coming in, as well as inside air getting out. In addition to this, they protect against UV rays and provide better sound insulation.

Many people still have single-pane windows in their homes and don't realize how severely they are affecting their heating and cooling bills. Plain and simple, they are old-school and highly inefficient. You'd be hard pressed to find a manufacturer that would stand by the effectiveness of a single-pane window.

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