Top 5 Factors That Influence The Price of Replacement Windows



How much do replacement windows cost? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the industry, yet one of the most difficult to answer. The truth is that there isn’t a straightforward answer in terms of how much you’ll pay for a window, and the price tag varies from company to company.

Before you contact a window company for your free quote, it helps to understand the variables that influence price. A quote is not your final bill, and the overall cost can change if complications or unforeseen events arise.

So, what exactly are the factors that influence the cost of a replacement window, anyway?

  1. Replacement Window Quality: High End vs. Low End

    Perhaps one of the biggest influencers of a replacement window’s price is quality. All replacement windows are not created equal, and quality ultimately reflects on the price. Low-end windows contain a high amount of calcium carbonate, making them prone to peeling and cracking. Calcium carbonate is essentially a filler ingredient that cuts down the cost of manufacturing, and these windows are mass-produced for the cheapest price possible.

    High quality windows contain more titanium dioxide than low-end windows. This often means a higher price tag, but the windows ultimately last longer and withstand harsh weather conditions.

  2. Replacement Window Materials: Wood vs. Vinyl

    In addition to quality, materials also matter when it comes to price. Vinyl is the most cost effective option for replacement windows—as long as you select a high-grade vinyl window, you’ll see energy savings down the road and more money in your wallet.

    Wood is the most expensive material for replacement windows. Although the price of wood windows varies by brand and company, you can expect to pay a higher price for wood over vinyl.

  3. Aesthetics: Grids And Colors

    Matching your widow’s color to your home can impact price. The cheapest vinyl window colors are stock colors, which include colors such as white, tan, and brown. However, there are a variety of other colors available for homeowners, but they are less common and come with a slightly higher price tag.

    Grids are another aesthetic feature that can increase the cost of your window by roughly 10%.

  4. Your Window’s Installation Process

    Once you’ve purchased your replacement windows and they’re ready to be installed, your overall price may increase. More often than not, your new windows will easily be installed in your home without issue. Other times, setbacks occur that impact the cost of your initial quote.

    For example, a homeowner may decide to replace a geometric window with a double hung window. Due to the difference in size and shape, the installation crew will need to cut a new opening to make room for the double hung. This process will reflect in the cost of your overall project.

  5. Warranty And Certifications

    Just like the price of windows, warranties vary from company to company. Depending on what your warranty covers on your windows, it will reflect in your overall price.

    Furthermore, the best replacement window companies have highly skilled and certified installers to make sure your project is done quickly and correctly. Window companies may charge a little more when they have highly qualified installers and certifications—after all, they’re the best of the best.

The True Cost of Replacement Windows

While window prices vary, be selective with the window company that you choose. To learn more about the cost of windows and how far your budget will take you, contact Universal Windows Direct today for your free replacement window quote.