With So Many Available Options - What's The "Right" Window for Me?



Choices, choices... there's so much to consider when purchasing new windows for your home. With all the available options and upgrades, how do you ensure you're getting everything you need at a price you can afford? We spoke with some of our trained representatives to see what they would consider some of the "must have" features in your replacement windows.

UltraVUE® Screens

"Our UltraVUE screens are a no brainer. If you buy a $50,000 car, you're not going to have roll up windows and cloth seats - it's the same thought process. You've paid good money for a beautiful window, you should have a screen that doesn't obstruct your view and allows for much greater airflow. The innovative screen mesh is strong and durable yet helps keep your home insect-free."

Woodgrain Interior

"Interior wood grains are great - they provide that real wood look without the maintenance. Pairing it with satin nickel or antique brass hardware really kicks up the wow factor. I like to make sure homeowners see how great this combination is when I come out for an estimate; that way they can really appreciate what a difference new windows are going to have on the look of their home."

Innergy Reinforcements

"The energy saving benefits these inserts provide is simply amazing. From an increased thermal break to better protection against condensation - a window's performance is dramatically increased by Innergy reinforcements. If you're going to upgrade your windows, you should do it right the first time so you don't have to worry about it later."

Prairie Style Grids

"I've been seeing this grid style a lot on higher end homes lately. They provide more of an uninterrupted view of the outdoors. It's a great alternative to the traditional colonial style. It's also available in an etched view which looks just as stylish."

UniShield Premium and UniShield Supreme

"Triple pane windows just add so many benefits as compared to double pane. Whether its enhanced noise reduction or the additional energy efficiency - you really win with triple pane. The premium is great but the supreme will really help a homeowner save money on their energy bills."

When considering replacing your windows, let our trained representatives make sure you get that "just right" look for your home by showing you all the available features and benefits of replacement windows from Universal Windows Direct. Schedule a no-obligation estimate today and see what separates our windows from the competition.