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Dwight Rutledge is a proud resident of Athens, GA who works ruthlessly to provide our community with the best value for windows, roofing, doors, and siding. After working for several decades in the beverage industry, Dwight blazed a new trail and began his own exterior remodeling company after much success in a similar business. Today, he manages the team at UWD of Athens, including 3 lead-certified installers with over 20 years of experience under their belts.

The community of Athens means a lot to Dwight and he and his team give back to the residents at every opportunity possible. With every project, UWD of Athens aims to improve the lives of homeowners through energy efficient windows, doors, and siding. As part of the national network of Universal Windows Direct, homeowners are sure to receive the best value with highly competitive market prices.

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About Our Quality Exterior Remodeling Products

You’re about to experience something spectacular. When you choose our UniShield® products for your home, you instantly improve the exterior and lower energy bills. Don’t believe us? Starting with the glass packages, your new windows insulate your home in every season!

We are the exclusive local source of famous Unishield® products. Competitors have tried (and failed) to replicate its combination of quality and affordability. It simply can’t be done! With UniShield®, we prove that you don’t have to overpay for quality.

We represent the best exterior products at the most affordable pricing, including quality windows, doors, Owens Corning roofing, and siding. We only use the top-rated materials to engineer our products, giving you the best value and long lifespan that these products can offer. After all, you’re making a big investment for your home, not to mention your life. We’re happy to help give your home a facelift, improve its efficiency, or both!

Why Choose Universal Windows Direct of Athens?

Dwight is delighted to have you trust us with your next exterior remodeling project. We are ranked as one of the top remodelers in the country on Qualified Remodeler 500 and Remodeling 550. We give back to the community where we live and you’ll find us out and about with our families, enjoying everything there is about Athens!

We’re proud to be your trusted local exterior remodeling contractor as well as your neighbor. We thank you for choosing UWD for your next project!