Window Installation Norwalk OH Window installation offers numerous benefits to Norwalk, Ohio, homeowners. They can enhance the beauty of your home, increase property value, and even save money on utility bills. However, it’s important to understand that installing windows is a task that should be handled by the pros. After all, there are many risks involved when you handle install windows on your own—and it can even sacrifice the performance of the window.

Here are a few reasons why window installation on your Norwalk home is best left to the pros:

  • Did you know that DIY installation can void your window’s warranty? One of the perks of purchasing windows through a professional replacement window company is peace of mind knowing that they stand behind their products. However, this warranty can go by the wayside if you decide to take window installation into your own hands. This is one of the primary reasons why replacing your home's windows should be handled by your local professional window company.
  • Another reason why having your windows professionally installed is critically important is due to performance. Even the most energy efficient replacement windows will fall short if their installation isn’t up to par. Professional window installers understand the process behind correct installation, and they apply top techniques and practices to ensure that your window has an airtight seal.
  • Improperly installed windows are subjected to drafts, which will eventually have an impact on your energy bills. If you suspect that your windows are drafty due to bad installation, you can put your hand in front of the sash or sill on a windy day and feel for air leaks. You can also hold an incense stick close to the window sash or sill to watch for movements in the smoke.
  • Universal Windows Direct offers professional window installation, and our skilled crew members leave no stone unturned during the process. Our energy efficient replacement windows, such as UniShield®, will help save Norwalk homeowners more energy when they are properly installed.

Don’t cut corners with window installation in Norwalk, Ohio. Contact Universal Windows Direct for your free quote, and to learn more about our window replacement process.

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