Window Cost Cleveland OH It’s one of the most frequently asked questions for every window company in the area: what is the average window cost in Cleveland? While this is often the top question on every homeowner’s mind, the reality is that it’s not the easiest question to answer. Any honest window company will tell you that there are many variables when it comes to pricing your new home windows, and an average window cost can be difficult to pinpoint.

Here are the variations that are taken into account for the price of your windows:

Considering the Size and Style of Your Window

One of the first factors to consider is the size and style of your window. Universal Windows Direct offers nearly a dozen window styles, and each option will have its own set price point.

For example, double hung windows aren’t very complex to engineer. They are made of two operating parts that slide up and down and tilt inward for cleaning. This window can be quite affordable depending on the options you choose for energy savings.

However, a bay window is a different story. Bay windows are much more complex to design and build, as they consist of three separate windows that are combined together to make one unit. These windows will cost considerably more than a double hung window.

Energy Saving Features Increase Cost

Energy saving features play a major role in window cost. The cheapest window company in Cleveland will advertise bottom dollar pricing in order to entice you to pick up the phone. However, you’ll quickly discover that these windows don’t include any energy saving features that help keep utility bills low.

Even though energy saving features increase cost, this doesn’t mean that they are unaffordable. In fact, Universal Windows Direct has the best value for energy efficient windows in the area, and it’s due to our exclusive glass package: UniShield®.

UniShield® is available in four tiers of energy-saving glass packages. Homeowners can choose from moderate to maximum efficiency, with our most popular falling somewhere in between. The UniShield® Premium window includes argon gas between the panes, a coat of low-e glazing, and dual pane technology.

Whichever package you choose, you’re sure to be impressed with the value offered by UniShield® Windows Direct.

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