Siding Euclid OH When you drive around the neighborhoods in Euclid, Ohio you’ll quickly find that there are many different styles of homes ranging from historic to contemporary. Every home in the area has its own unique sense of curb appeal, whether it was built in 1908 or 2008.

Whichever era your home was built, there is one exterior component that truly can make or break your curb appeal: siding. Every home needs some kind of exterior to keep it properly protected, whether it’s brick, vinyl, stone, or even wood.

With so many options to consider, how can a homeowner select the right one?

Vinyl is the Top Exterior Option in Euclid

Even though your choices for upgrading your exterior may seem overwhelming, there’s no denying that vinyl is the best option for siding in the area. If you take a look around the local neighborhoods, you’ll find hundreds of homes proudly displaying vinyl siding for the world to see.

However, it’s no coincidence that vinyl is the best option. Homeowners have a lot to gain when they choose vinyl, and they frankly have a lot to lose if they choose to go in another direction.

Vinyl is an extremely durable material that will properly protect your home. This is especially the case when you choose high quality vinyl from Universal Windows Direct.

Our UniShield® siding panels are exclusive to our company and provide top performance in terms of style and function. While competitors offer extremely low pricing, the downside is that these vinyl panels simply don’t last. High quality vinyl can last you for 15-20 years, and it’s an investment that can help boost your curb appeal and even increase the value of your home.

UniShield® siding is available in three tiers with panels ranging up to .46” thick. This ensures that the panels will perform for years to come and not peel away from your home during a strong windstorm. Furthermore, the beauty of these panels will also last up to 20 years under our color warranty. You’ll never need to worry about your home fading due to sunlight or inclement weather.

If you’re wondering if vinyl is right for you, we invite you to contact us for a free quote and in-home consultation.

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