Siding Elyria OH Are you upgrading the exterior of your Elyria, Ohio home? From installing a new entry door to planting lush flowers, there are all kinds of ways to enhance the exterior of your home. However, when you're looking for a total transformation, siding can take your home to an entirely new level.

There are a variety of house exterior options to consider, ranging from wood to fiber cement. The reality is that vinyl is the most affordable and durable exterior option on the market—especially when you choose Universal Windows Direct.

Why is Vinyl the Best Option for Your Siding?

Vinyl was introduced to the market as an exterior option several decades ago. Today, it's one of the most common options in Elyria—and this didn't happen by coincidence.

High quality vinyl is extremely durable and stands the test of time. It's no secret that Ohio experiences a wide range of weather conditions, from sleet to wind storms. UniShield® exterior from Universal Windows Direct withstands the harshest weather conditions and keeps your home looking beautiful throughout the seasons.

Vinyl is also very low maintenance. While wood is a classic exterior option, it is prone to various issues such as rotting, peeling, and even promoting mold or mildew growth.

On the other hand, homeowners generally won't experience these issues with vinyl. If the panels are high quality and professionally installed, your exterior will cause you very little hassle. The panels will stay in place and there's no need to worry about sanding, painting, and staining.

Universal Window Direct can help take your exterior to the next level with UniShield® vinyl. It's available in three tier levels that go up to .46” in thickness. Thick vinyl panels ensure its structural integrity, which keeps the panels intact throughout the decades. Our UniShield® siding is engineered with the top vinyl materials on the market. It won’t peel, rot, or warp—and its color is guaranteed to last for 20 years.

When you want to transform your home and increase your property value, consider upgrading your siding. Vinyl is the best option in terms of return on investment, and it’ll keep your home looking beautiful for years to come. Contact Universal Windows Direct for a free estimate.

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