Roofing North Olmsted OH New roofing is one of the biggest investments any homeowner can make—but it’s also one of the smartest. A new quality roof can provide a significant return on investment while even increasing the value of your home. When it’s time for a new roof, there are several signs to watch out for, including:

Your Roof is Old

Has it been a few decades since you’ve upgraded your roof? If so, it’s time to think about replacement. Premium quality shingles from Universal Windows Direct can last for 20 years or longer, but it’s important to keep tabs on the age of your roof. You also need to consider if your shingles are a single layer or if they were layered over older shingles—which can make a slight difference in terms of how long your roof will last.

The Shape of Your Shingles

The physical condition of your shingles is another key indicator for roof replacement. For example, shingles that are curling and bucking should be removed and replaced. This is a sign of sun damage and old age. If your shingles are curling, take this as a sign that your windows are past their prime.

You’re Experiencing Leaks

One of the biggest telltale signs that you need new roofing is leaks. When water is making its way into your home, it’s important to get to the root of the problem sooner rather than later. You’ll need to replace your roof to avoid water damage and even mold or mildew growth.

Universal Windows Direct offers roofing by Owen’s Corning with an exceptional water barrier system. The underlayment is designed to keep water from reaching the inside of your home, and the optional Weatherlock G feature adds yet another barrier to water and ice. This is one of the best protective solutions for protecting your home against water damage.

Furthermore, not only will your new roof system offer top performance, it will also appear exceptionally beautiful. There are a range of color options beyond standard black to make your home stand out on the block. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary, classic, or eclectic vibe, there is a color style from everyone at Universal Windows Direct.

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