Your roof is the armor of your home. It shields against rain and hail, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable—no matter the weather or temperature outdoors. Without quality roofing in Cleveland, your home may be prone to leaks, mold, and higher energy bills. Premium roofing is an investment for your home in Cleveland, but the right roof can last for years and provide ultimate protection against the elements.

Why Choose Universal Windows Direct For Your Roofing in Cleveland?

Universal Windows Direct uses high-grade materials to construct some of the most durable roofs on the market. Our superior roofing systems are designed to keep water out of your home. By using a multi-layer system, you can expect the highest standards in roofing in protection from Universal Windows Direct.

Although aesthetics are important to many homeowners, the engineering of your roof plays a critical role in its performance. Universal Windows Direct uses premium materials to help bring your new roof from average to exceptional.

Engineered For Quality and Innovation

Owens Corning LogoOwens Corning® shingles will exceed your expectations in terms of quality. These shingles are heavier and more durable than most competitor products of comparable quality. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your roof will last for years while complementing your home at the same time. Universal Windows Direct carries three lines of available Owens Corning® shingles, which provide multiple benefits and features for Cleveland homeowners, including:

  • Exceptional performance: Your roof will out perform and outlast the competition.
  • Enhanced wind resistance: Protection against winds of up to 130 miles per hour.
  • Durability: Owens Corning® shingles are one of the most durable roofing options in the entire industry.
  • Standard Product Limited Warranty* Coverage: Includes an initial warranty coverage period for the purchased product. Ask your representative at Universal Windows Direct for more information.
  • Preferred Protection Roofing System Limited Warranty* Coverage: Includes extended warranty coverage period in addition to warranty on workmanship.

Our Quality Roofing Materials

Universal Windows Direct stands apart from other roofing companies due to our quality products and attention to detail. In order to maximize the efficiency of your roof, it must be properly installed with top-of-the-line materials.

  • ProArmor synthetic roof underlayment

    ProArmor® Synthetic Roof Underlayment

    Other roofing companies cut corners and choose a felt underlayment, which is prone to rips and tears. It can also cause water damage to your home and it is costly to repair. Universal Windows Direct uses the premium quality ProArmor® Synthetic Roof Underlayment for providing ultimate protection for your roof.

  • weatherlock roofing seal

    Weatherlock® G

    Your new roof from Universal Windows Direct will also include Weatherlock® G, which utilizes a Granulated Self-Sealing Ice & Water Barrier to prevent against water penetration and roof damage. Weatherlock® G also has built in tear resistance technology to prevent cracking and breaking during the installation process.

  • VentSure inflow vent

    VentSure® InFlow® Vent

    This venting system has a versatile design built for soffitless, open-soffit and traditional roofs. You also get the extra benefit of excellent added protection against wind-driven rain. This system can be installed at the eave, or at mid-roof, and helps compliment your roof with a clean, smooth profile.

  • VentSure heat and moisture roofing strip


    By using a 4-foot strip heat & moisture ridge vent, VentSure® allows your roof to properly vent moisture out of your attic that may become trapped from severe weather conditions. Also available for purchase with an optional Weather PROtector® Moisture Barrier.

  • ProEdge roofing ridgeline covers

    ProEdge® Hip & Ridge

    This feature helps accent the ridgelines of your roof, and by using pre-cut corners you get perfect detailing on all corners and edges.

Metal Flashing: Metal flashing is an alternative to single weaving in valleys of your roof. Resorting to shingle weaving results in an overall cheaper appearance and is prone to leaks—although it requires less work.

Metal flashing in the valley upgrades the appearance of your roof. It also lasts much longer than shingle weaving and is not prone to leaks.

Owens Corning® Shingles: Universal Windows Direct uses Owens Corning® shingles because they are top of the line in both appearance and quality. They’re designed by using the top technology in the industry and boost the aesthetics and performance of your roof.

Universal Windows Direct is an independent contractor and is not an affiliate of Owens Corning Roofing and Asphalt, LLC or its affiliated companies.

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