In addition to our traditional style windows, we offer additional window styles, such as picture windows, garden windows, and specialty shaped windows that can be custom-sized to fit just about anywhere. As is the case with all of our windows, these windows are built with only the highest-quality, longest-lasting and durable material.

Universal Windows Direct Additional Windows Feature:

  • Super Spacer® - A hi-tech glass spacer system that is rated to be one of the best options currently on the market for energy conservation with windows
  • Tilt Latches – Release the window sashes, allowing them to tilt in for easy cleaning and giving the window smoother operation and better overall structural performance
  • Sash Limit Locks – Fold out of window to allow only partial opening for security
  • True-Position Balance System – Revolutionary balance system that operates easily, quietly and prevents the window from ever slipping
  • Groove – Cut in the bottom sash for the vinyl “fin” to fit into, creating a tight, secure fit
  • Cam-Style Locks – Cutting-edge locking system that not only ensured that the sashes pull together for a superior weather-proof seal, but also secures your home from intruders
  • Higher Sill Dam – ¼” dam improves structural stability, while the beveled edge creates and attractive, clean finish
  • Extruded Lift Rail – Lift rail that is part of the sash, ensuring that it will never pop out during opening
  • Foam-filled Main Frame – Foam filling inside the structure of the window, adding structural stability and insulation

Picture Windows

Picture windows are windows that cannot be opened but provide an unprecedented view to the world outside. This allows you to maximize your glass space while allowing the natural beauty of the outdoors to become part of a room's décor. These windows come with the same features that are found on all UniShield® windows and can be combined with double-hung or casement windows to achieve a lovely vent/vie balance. Picture windows from Universal Windows Direct also feature our Triple Seal System; a revolutionary window sealing system that blocks air and moisture from escaping or entering

Garden Windows

Garden windows are specifically designed for the homeowner with a green thumb. These three-dimensional vinyl windows bring allow you to literally bring the sunshine into your home for your plants while keeping the elements out. They come with an optional adjustable ⅜" glass shelf and standard side operating vents.

Universal Windows Direct Garden Window Features:

  • Cranks, Hinges & Multipoint Locking System – Designed to operate flawlessly and effortlessly, all the while maintaining style and strength
  • Hinged Sashes – Slide away from the frame when fully opened, allowing for easily cleaning from the inside
  • Triple Seal System – Revolutionary window sealing system that blocks air and moisture from escaping or entering

Specialty Shaped Windows

Simply put, specialty windows are windows that are a specific, non-traditional shape such as an octagon, trapezoid or arch . These windows bring new meaning to the word “custom”, as they can greatly enhance the character of both contemporary and traditional homes. Above all, our specialty windows allow you to give your home a unique touch while keeping it energy efficient. Specialty windows from Universal Windows Direct feature many of the same options available in our other high-quality windows.

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