Front Doors Westlake OH Your entry door is one of the first impressions guests will see when they visit your home. Front doors are designed to enhance the look of your home, protect your family from intruders, and shield your entryway from the elements. When you think of all the things front doors do for your Westlake home, you'll come to realize that they are a priceless addition for your exterior.

When you're ready to replace your door, you're probably wondering about price tag. While this is a perfectly valid question, perhaps the right approach to take is considering the value of your new front door instead.

Getting the Best Value for Your Home and Money

What makes a door worth the money? There are several factors that play into its value. First, you'll want to think about maximizing your return on investment. Your return on investment determines how much money you can recoup if you decide to sell.

Two of the best materials for entry door ROI in Westlake, Ohio is steel and fiberglass. But what's so special about these two choices?

Choose Steel and Fiberglass Doors from Universal Windows Direct

UWD offers top-of-the-line steel and fiberglass doors that are engineered with premium quality materials. These doors are built to last while making an impeccable impression on your exterior.

Steel doors are strong and sturdy. They are excellent options for enhancing security and have a surprising amount of aesthetic options. Steel accounts for roughly half the market for residential doors.

Fiberglass is another durable option for your new door. Fiberglass doors from Universal Windows Direct are designed with a reinforced skin. This material is the optimal choice if you have a lot of foot traffic passing through your entryway.

Saving Energy with New Door Installation

Not only are steel and fiberglass great options for your door material, you'll also be surprised at their energy saving capabilities. Both material options from UWD are engineered with a 2-inch thick polyurethane foam core. This core maximizes the door’s thermal efficiency, keeping your home cozy and comfortable all throughout the year.

When you choose UWD, you'll enjoy a quality entry door that looks beautiful, saves energy, and lasts for years. Contact us to learn more.

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