Front Doors Norwalk OH If your Norwalk, Ohio home needs quick a facelift, front doors can give it the new glow that it needs. There are various materials and aesthetic options available for your new exterior, and you can find top quality options for your home from Universal Windows Direct.

When you’re ready to add pizzazz to your entry way, here are the best options to enhance nearly any home in Norwalk:

Pick the Right Material

Before we jump into color options, you’ll need to think carefully about the material of your new entry door. While wood is a traditional option, it comes with many downfalls. For example, real wood doors need to be maintained every so often with a new coat of sealant to protect it from the elements. This can be a real hassle for a lot of homeowners, especially for those who are short on time or not very skilled with making home improvements.

Fiberglass is a fabulous alternative to wood, as it can give the same look and feel without the maintenance. When you choose fiberglass over wood, you can say goodbye to sanding, painting, and staining. The beauty of your new fiberglass door will last for years without peeling, cracking, or losing its aesthetic appeal over time.

If you want something different than fiberglass, Universal Windows Direct offers high quality steel doors. Steel doors are relatively new to the residential market, but the upside is that they are incredibly durable. It is very difficult to scratch or ding these doors, which makes them a great option for homeowners who want a beautiful door without a lot of fuss.

Choose Your Perfect Color

Both steel and fiberglass doors from Universal Windows Direct are available in an assortment of color and woodgrain options. You can choose a complementary paint color from our inventory to quickly enhance your curb appeal, or you can order your new door primed so you can pick a custom paint color that is unique to your home.

If you’re looking for the look of real wood, you’re in luck. There are also plenty of woodgrain options to choose from that will make your new door look just like the real deal.

Lastly, you can truly customize your new door by adding custom hardware option in beautiful finishes. There are also plenty of transom and sidelite windows to choose from—explore your options today.

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