Front Doors Huron OH Are you a Huron, Ohio homeowner who wants the best quality product for your investment? Front doors from Universal Windows Direct excel in nearly every area, from aesthetics to performance. You simply won't find the same quality or value with new doors from big box stores, or even from competing home improvement companies around the area.

What is it about our front doors that makes them so exceptional? Although there are various working components that make our doors second-to-none, one of those features is material.

Steel and Fiberglass Doors: Quality Counts

Universal Windows Direct only uses premium materials to engineer our entry doors. The top two materials for doors today are fiberglass and steel. Both have a variety of benefits to offer homeowners, and either option can help improve the performance of your home.

The advantage for fiberglass doors is that they offer the look of real wood. Real wood doors can be beautiful, but they come with an eye-popping price tag and a host of maintenance issues. If you fail to maintain your wood door, it can literally rot and crumble away.

This isn't the case with fiberglass. These doors are designed with reinforced skin that is durable and weather resistant. They can also be custom designed to perfectly coordinate or contrast with the color scheme of your home.

If fiberglass isn't your cup of tea, there's no need to fret. Steel is another top-notch material that lasts for years. Furthermore, it's also an excellent option for security, especially when it's combined with our keyless touch screen deadbolt.

Saving More Energy with a Polyurethane Foam Core

Did you know that 35% of your home's energy escapes through your doors and windows? The good news is that this doesn't have to be the case when you choose a new door from UWD. Both of our steel and fiberglass doors are engineered with a polyurethane foam core.

This core is 2" thick and helps maximize the thermal efficiency of the door. A hollow front door will contribute to higher energy bills and leave your home feeling uncomfortable. The polyurethane core can help you take control of your energy bills and block energy from escaping your home.

Find premium front doors for your home right here in Huron, Ohio. Contact us for a quote.

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