Entry Doors Vermillion OH One of the most popular exterior upgrades in Vermillion, Ohio is the addition of new entry doors. An exterior door ties together the curb appeal of your home and it can even help you save money on your utility bills.

As you’re shopping for the door of your dreams, you’ll quickly find that there are countless options available for your home. With all of the materials, colors, and energy efficient features to choose from, the shopping experience can quickly turn overwhelming to the average Vermillion homeowner.

These tips from Universal Windows Direct can help you choose the right door for your budget and personal taste:

Picking the Right Material

The material of your door will impact its lifespan and performance. Choosing a poor quality material will only result in frustration, since it will likely need replaced sooner rather than later. You’ll also run into issues such as peeling, splintering, and even cracking over time.

The best materials for entry doors is fiberglass and steel. Universal Windows Direct offers both of these doors to homeowners who want a quality door material that won’t break the bank. Fiberglass looks similar to traditional wood, which gives your curb appeal a warm appearance without the hassle of regular maintenance. Due to the reinforced skin of UWD’s fiberglass doors, there won’t be any need for sanding, painting, or other regular maintenance tasks.

Steel is a modern option for any home in Vermillion, and this material is very popular across the country. Steel doors are also low in maintenance as well as energy efficient. They are quite affordable when compared to traditional wood doors and yields an impressive return on investment of roughly 90%.

Energy Efficient Options

While entry doors add beauty and security to your home, they can also help lower your utility bills. A hollow door doesn’t provide proper protection against the elements, so you’ll need to invest in doors that contain a polyurethane foam core.

Steel and fiberglass doors from UWD are both engineered with this core. Its purpose is to provide maximized insulation while keeping your home at a comfortable indoor temperature.

A quality door can last for years. When you’re ready to make your home look more beautiful while lowering your utility bills at the same time, contact UWD to learn more.

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