Entry Doors Mansfield OH Home security is an important consideration for any homeowner, even if you’re living in the safest neighborhood in Mansfield. Unfortunately, home break ins can happen right under your nose. The good news is that entry doors can help enhance the security of your home with quality materials, dead bolt protection, and more.

If you’re looking for new entry doors to gain a sense of peace of mind, here is how a new door can make your home a safer place to live.

Reinforced Materials Add an Extra Layer of Protection

The reality is that some door materials are a target for forced entry break ins. Universal Windows Direct has two materials for replacement doors that are exceptionally durable—fiberglass and steel. Fiberglass doors are engineered with reinforced skin that is resistant to dents, dings, and scratching. Not only will your door serve as protection for your family, it will also remain beautiful for years to come.

Perhaps our most durable and secure material choice is steel. Steel doors make it extremely difficult for unwanted guests to make their way into your home, and it’s virtually impossible to kick through the door. Steel doors add an extra layer of security, and they’re also beautiful and energy efficient.

Consider Your Hardware

Another important component of home security is the hardware of your new door. Universal Windows Direct offers an extensive selection of deadbolts and locksets to keep your home extra secure. This includes sets that meet all of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities act.

Our deadbolts and locksets feature double key and single thumb turn, along with a screw on kick plate for extra durability. Our handle sets add both elegance and security for your home, and they’re available in a variety of finishes including polished brass, antique brass, satin nickel, and aged bronze.

Don’t forget that Universal Windows Direct also offers keypad deadbolts and touchscreen deadbolts. This allows keyless entry to your home by using a passcode that only you and your family will know. You won’t need to hide a spare key under a nearby rock or potted plant—and it’ll be very difficult for a burglar to crack the code.

When you’re ready to make your home more secure, contact Universal Windows Direct for a free quote on a new entry door.

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