Entry Doors Huron OH When you’re upgrading the exterior of your home, many Huron homeowners want to combine efficiency and beauty. Unfortunately, not all home improvement companies are able to offers quality entry doors and exterior products that are both beautiful and energy efficient. The good news is that Universal Windows Direct offers energy efficient entry doors that are beautiful and last for years.

When you’re exploring your options for a new entrance door, here are some of the top considerations for Huron homeowners:

  • The material of your entry door makes a big impact on its lifespan and durability. It’s important that you choose a material that stands the test of time and doesn’t warp, peel, or chip due to inclement weather. Universal Windows Direct offers fiberglass and steel doors, which homeowners love due to their beauty and durability. Both steel and fiberglass are resistant to aesthetic blemishes, which keeps your door looking beautiful throughout the seasons.
  • When it comes to energy efficiency, you simply can’t choose a better option than a new door from Universal Windows Direct. All of our doors are engineered with a polyurethane foam core. This core meets environmental guidelines to offer maximum thermal protection—which means that your home will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Furthermore, these doors also come equipped with bottom weather stripping to create an airtight seal to the threshold. This helps to reduce drafts and prevent energy from escaping your home.
  • Aside from energy saving features, homeowners also have many aesthetic options to choose from. There is no shortage of paint color or stain options, and you can even order your new door primed so you can paint it on your own. There are also a variety of glass options available that come in many shapes and sizes. Your replacement door can feature a large oval window in the middle with decorative glass, or you can even choose top-to-bottom glass with intricate and interesting designs. This allows homeowners to maximize the amount of light filtering through the door—and our glass is patterned and obscure to add an extra layer of privacy.

Your entry doors are the focal points of your home. It can make your home look more beautiful while helping you save money on your utility bills. Contact us for an estimate.

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