Attic Insulation Mentor OH Is your Mentor, Ohio home always too hot or too cold? If so, one of the first things that many homeowners do is turn their attention to their HVAC system. They’ll change the filter and make any tune-ups necessary to ensure that the system is in top condition. If energy bills continue to rise, they’ll likely take a close look at their windows, entry door, or even roof to discover if there is energy escaping through outdated products.

However, many homeowners completely overlook their attic insulation. While it’s easy to forget about the pink fluffy stuff in your attic, the truth is that it’s critical to prevent energy from escaping right through your roof. Roughly 50% of energy is lost right through your roof, but new insulation can put an end to those rising utility bills.

Introducing AttiCat Insulation from Universal Windows Direct

If you’re fighting a losing battle with your utility bills, AttiCat insulation is here to help. Our top-quality insulation by Owens Corning can make a real difference in the way that your home saves energy from the day that it’s installed. Your new insulation is inserted into your attic with a blower that can cover the entire span of your attic within 90 minutes. Best of all, the blown-in technique allows us to reach difficult nooks and crannies that you may otherwise miss with typical insulation practices.

AttiCat insulation from Universal Windows Direct is inside out fiberglass attic insulation, which many homeowners know as Pink Panther insulation. This insulation comes compacted and expands up to 24 times its original size once it’s blown into the crevices of your attic space. As the insulation is blown in place, we use indicator strips that accumulate the insulation all the way up to 17” in height—which is otherwise known as R-49.

Once AttiCat is in your home, it’ll provide years of reliability to help keep your energy bills low. Not only will energy stay contained within your home, you also won’t need to worry about improper insulation causing sweating, mold growth, and more.

When you’re ready to make your home a more cozy and comfortable place to live, contact Universal Windows Direct for a free quote.

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